Virtual meeting

16. 4. 2024 4 p.m. (Finland and Greece time), 3 p.m. (Czech time) Link:

Dr. Marja Äijö: How did the collaboration between the faculties start? Presentation from the BIP workshop at the University of Kuopio. Getting to know the goals of the project (presentation)

Prof. PhDr. Kamila Řasová, Ph. D.: Getting acquainted with the program of the BIP workshop in Prague.

Dr. Thomas Besios: Assignment of group work (see letter from Dr. Besios and an example of presentation)

Marek Malich: Student activities (presentation)

Task for presentation

Each group (Czech students, Finish students and Greece students) will prepare power point presentation describing their Universities and countries.

The lecture will be presented first day and will last 10-15 minutes.

It would be a good idea to include information about university, library, facilities, faculties, laboratories and university clinics if available. We would also like you to present us the city where the university is located and the most important sightseeing that someone could see by coming there.

It would be good if you all get involved in this task, maybe take some photos of the university facilities, or your town and present it to us all together on the first day of course.